Body Butters $20

Body butters are thick moisturizing creams intended to provide optimum amounts of skin hydration, containing essential vitamins and nutrients. Body butters helps to form a barrier between the skin and the outside world preventing dry skin. Made from natural ingredients, which consists primarily of nut and seed oils. Body butters contain high levels of Omega -3 fatty acids, vitamin A, vitamin C  and vitamin E.      

                                  Body Scrubs $16                                                                                                 

Our scrubs are derived from dead sea salt, himalayan pink salt and sugar cane for more sensitive skin. Each salt treats many skin conditions, including psoriasis and eczema to more everyday conditions such as dry or oily skin. Dead sea salt soothes rashes, calms allergic reactions treats acne and minimizes dead skin cells. In addition, theses salts are effective at detoxifying your skin, drawing out unwanted impurities from each pore. Salts are imported and 100% pure. They contain the highest mineral count on the planet. 

                           Handmade Soaps $5.50

Not all of us have perfect skin from head to toe, some might have problematic body acne or irritation to commercial produced  bar soap. Skin is pours and absorbent, so we must be carful the ingredients which we come in contact with. Most commercial products contain artificial dyes, synthetic lathering agents and numerous chemicals. More times than often these soaps contain Triclosan. Triclosan is a toxic chemical known to cause cancer. As an alternative we offer soap containing high quality organic ingredients.          


                     Bath Soaks $15(small) $20(large)

Absolutely, with out a doubt bath soaks are the best natural remedy for a speedy recovery for athletes and even better for everyday usage. Most of our soaks contain detoxifying yet replenishing epsom salt. Epsom salt is made of natural occurring minerals magnesium and sulfate.  A lack of magnesium,which regulates over 300 bodily enzymes can contribute to heart problems, hyperactivity, high blood pressure and a laundry list of other health problems. Sulfate is responsible for flushing toxins, formed proteins in the joints and mucin proteins.          


                Hair Growth Oil $20 

Perfect for filling in bald patches and adding inches of growth in an accelerated rate. In addition, our oils are great for all hair types and textures such as color treated and chemically processed hair. Beehive oil is 100% natural made with Ayurvedic Indian herbs, essential oils and vitamins. Oils contain no alcohols, mineral oils, petroleum or perfumes.