In a rush? A rejuvenating facial for all skin conditions; particularly great for people who want fast results in half the time.

     This customized treatment is meant for targeting specific concerns.

     *Ideal for those with all skin types wanting targeted treatment. 

    Signature Facial $75

       One hour of pure bliss. Visibly transforms the skin in just one session with a combination of professional

       Dermalogica products as well as organic essential oils and Ayurvedic herbs. Each facial step is tailored to your individual concern and request.

       *Ideal for those desiring clinical esthetic results while being pampered from head to toe.

        Each signature facial includes *additional* muscle therapy during either exfoliation or mask wait time. 


    Calming Facial $75

   Soothing, desensitizing natural plant extracts and aromatherapy oils such as Chamomile, Benzoin,

     Green Tea, Lavender, Radish root, Orange peel, Cucumber and  *Arnica Montana flower extract* are used 

     to gently cleanse, nourish and hydrate fragile skin. This treatment helps to reduce sensitivity while leaving the skin 

​     soothed and comfortable. 

    *Ideal for those with truly sensitive, fragile skin which are prone to redness and irritation. 

    Deep Cleansing Acne Facial $85

    An exfoliating facial that helps rid unwanted impurities while removing dead skin cells.

       Extraction time exceeds 10 minutes and is the main focal point of this treatment. 

      *Ideal for those with excess sebum production and uncontrollable breakouts.

    Multivitamin Anti Aging Facial $85

​        Intense vitamin packed facial aiding in the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid production.

        Luxurious plant stem cells are used to treat fine lines while rapidly resurfacing fresh hydrated skin.

       *Ideal for those seeking improvement in skin elasticity, youthful glow and expression lines.    


    Aha / Bha Peel $75

       Passion fruit, pineapple and papaya unite to stimulate new skin cell turnover.

       During this treatment enzymes help to improve texture and hyperpigmentation.   

      *Idea for those wanting to decrease the appearance of blemishes and breakouts.

    Skin Brightening Microdermabrasion Facial $100

                             (Purchase a series of 5 for $400)

    Diamond-tipped wand removes layers of dead skin cells, revealing a more clearer, lighter complexion. 

       While Kojic acid stops the production of melanin, reducing unwanted pigmentation.

      *Ideal treatment for those with acne scars, sun spots, freckles, age spots, melasma and uneven complexions.   

                                      *Add aromatherapy for $15



                                                                      Body Treatments 


                                                                                                      Lip Treatment $10

                                                                                                      Eye Treatment $20

                                                                                                     Body Scrub Treatment $65

                                                                                                     Body Wrap $80

                                                                                                     Body Scrub & Body Wrap $130

                                                                                                     Back Treatment $65

                                                                                                   Hand Treatment $20 

                                                                                                   Foot Treatment $25

 Waxing(No Double Dipping!) 

*Gentlemen prices are the same unless specified otherwise


Eyebrow $10 / men $12

Upper Lip $6

Upper Lip & Lower Lip $12

Cheeks $14 

Sideburns $8 / men $12

Chin $10 & Up

Neck $12 / men $15

Hair Line $12

Full Face $50 / men 55


Under Arm $25 

Chest $35

Back $50 / men $55 *wax time: 15 minutes 

Shoulders $20

Abdomen $15 & Up / men $25 & Up

Half Arm $30 / Full Arm $40  x  men $35/$47

Half Leg $45 / Full Leg $70  x  men $50/$77

Hands & Fingers $12

Feet & Toes $10


Bikini Line $35

Brazilian Bikini $45  *men not permitted


Cluster Lashes $35

3 Strand Cluster Lashes $65