Never trim before an appointment. If the length is too long we will trim as needed. We recommend 1/4 inch long hair for bikini area, which translates to 2-3 weeks hair growth. The wax needs to adhere to enough hair. 

Time of the month:

Your skin is most sensitive around the time leading up to your period. Try to avoid scheduling an appointment a few days leading up to your period, menstruation and one day after. However, you can still wax on your period it just might be a bit more painful than usual.


Removing dead skin cells is essential to a great wax. In the shower exfoliate with a scrub gentle enough for your skin type. Less dead skin layering the hair follicle makes it that much easier for a smooth lift. Also helps in preventing stubborn ingrown hairs.   


​Take a pain reliever 30-45 minutes before arriving for your wax. Try taking an Ibuprofen or Advil if handy. Aspirins are not wise to take before waxing, they promote excess bleeding.


Your skin might be a little fragile for the first 24-48 hours. 

Things to avoid in this timeframe:

Touching freshly waxed skin

Make-Up application 

 Hot baths/Showers/Sauna/Pools 

 Products with perfumes


Tight clothing

​Sexual activity  

Activity causing heavy perspiration 

Ultra-violet Rays